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About Dynasty Chinese Sushi

Dynasty, the hottest Far Eastern restaurant in the city, continues to meet Chinese lovers in Famagusta, Kyrenia and Nicosia. For those who can resist the exquisite odor of seafood, chicken and meat, the menu includes light, healthy salads. The menu's favorites are the Sweet an Sour Chicken,Dynasty Special Noodles and Butter Chicken. In the atmosphere colored with our Chinese Cuisine Chef, you can experience the tastes you have never tasted before if you can not decide what to eat and leave the choice to the chefs.

The restaurant's operators make the intimate atmosphere of the place permanent by helping the staff and making short conversations with their guests. Dynasty, which prepares special menus for your groups, turns your small gatherings into unforgettable moments. Don't forget to snack on shrimp chips while you're waiting for your meal, then to taste the fried honey banana with your coffee.

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GÖNYELİ YENİKENT: Belediye Bulvarı Street no:5/A Nicosia

KYRENIA RING ROAD: Dartepe Street Sonersen Plaza Karaoğlanoğlu Kyrenia

MAĞUSA: EMU On-Campus Hospital Road, Prime Living Dormitory- Ground Floor

Phone Number:

+90 (392) 444 1111

+90 539 103 11 11

+90 (533) 867 5858

Working Hours:


We have a package service until 21:45.